About Us

Les, Jorgen, Jessica and Gigi, circa 2010. How time flies!

The Drent family’s Blair Estate Farm and its employees are proud producers of Kauai grown and value added coffee, chocolate, honey, cigars, and bourbon.

Les Drent is founder and owner of LBD Coffee, LLC which oversees Blair Estate Farms, Coffee Times 100% Kona Coffee, Kauai Cigar Company, and the Kauai Distilling Company. When not driving the tractor with his son Jorgen, he enjoys, more than anything, spending time with his wife Gigi, and daughter Jessica.

In 1836 Kauai was the first island in Hawaii to produce coffee commercially. Today, we keep those time tested practices in place. Picked entirely by hand, our coffee is methodically processed, fermented, cured, graded, and fresh roasted to order only.

Expanding on these age old practices Blair Estate also enjoys conducting its own research and development. The farm’s owner, Les Drent, uses various yeasts, and fermentations to enhance and draw out more of the natural flavor in beans, seeds, leaves, and kernals. The result is an amazing cup of coffee, cigar, chocolate, or dram of whisky.

“Fermentation is an integral part in nearly everything we produce on our farms. I am convinced that this is where we gain our competitive edge, and I believe it is the main reason our value added products distinguish themselves from the competition.”

Les Drent

Blair Estate is also the home office for the Kauai Cigar Company, and the Kauai Distilling Company. While we grow and process tobacco and corn at our other Kauai farms and make our premium hand made cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua and our American bourbon in Spokane, Washington we also operate our oldest brand, Coffee Times 100% Kona Coffee, from Blair Estate Coffee Farm. Since 1993 our fresh roasted and certified 100% Kona coffee has been shipped to all parts of the world. Our Kona beans have never been available in stores and they have been roasted to order only for over 27 years! Simply put, our beans never have the chance to grow old, or stale before they reach you, our valued and discerning customer. So if you are seeking the freshest, hand picked, custom roasted Kona and Kauai coffee in the world you will discover a source no better than what we have to offer at Blair Estate. Visit us in person or purchase online.