Family owned and operated since 2001, we grow and produce premium Kauai coffee, chocolate, and wild flower honey.

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Hive to Jar

To manage bees successfully one must have a deep understanding for the hive’s population, space, behavior, life cycle, the seasons, and physical properties that comprise a healthy colony. Only with this knowledge will a keeper be rewarded with golden treasure.

Bean to Bar

Cacao, if successfully grown, and processed can lead to a wonderful delight. Weather, insects, nutrition, harvest, fermentation, curing, aging, roasting, cracking, winnowing, refining, tempering, moulding, and storage make the journey’s end all that more rewarding.

Cherry to Cup

Centuries old in Hawaii the highly competitive specialty coffee industry strives for new heights. New found discoveries await farmers who are willing to risk change with new cultivars, processes, fermentations, and gourmet drink preparation.

“Not a day goes by that we are not thankful for what this farm has provided us; the instillation of hard work, the comfort of home, a loving family, many discoveries, and endless amounts of pleasure.”

Les, Gigi, Jessica, and Jorgen Drent

Latest from the Blog

Our chocolate is on the shelves!

We’ve grown cacao for 21 years at Blair Estate, and over that time we’ve enjoyed the process of making chocolate, but never commercially. Now after all these years we are finally making our own chocolate bars and placing them in stores around Hawaii for sale, and for purchase direct from us through the mail. Having…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Strolling through the tunneling coffee orchard, under the chocolate trees, and on my way to the oranges that are needed for the cranberry sauce I stopped to take a look at the approaching winter harvest. With cacao in the fermenter, and in the solar driers, and tons of new coffee all bagged up and aging…